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Working with the right skills

Businesses and organisations today are facing a high pace of change triggered by digitalization, increased competition, new technologies, regulation, environmental concern, and now even global pandemics. It challenges established ways of working and operating, while introducing new opportunities and potential.

Skillbased Consulting is a partner in providing external resources with focus on finding the right skills, competences and experience needed in your transition.

By adding resources with skillset and experience from working with the changes you are facing, you will:

  • Reduce project risk and improve outcome to target
  • Increase efficiency in solving problems and delivering value
  • Secure success in implementation
Specialists and consultants with operational and implementation experience are typically found as independent contractors or in small to mid-size niche firms. We set out to build a network to find them, providing tools to display and make their specific skills searchable and presentable.

In our process, using digital profiling and matching tools, we proactively build and expand our skill and competence network based on client needs and requirements.

All steps of the process are skill-based, providing expert advice and delivery:

  • Need analysis, done by senior consultants and experts
  • Search and match, with skills and relevant experience in focus
  • Quality assurance, by senior consultants as client responsible

Working with SkillBased

For Clients and Consultants

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Find the right consultant

Find the most relevant skills that match your needs and requirements.

First step is to clearly define your need. We skillfully take you from need definition, securing delivery, follow up on results and adjust as your needs evolve.

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